Traghetto sign

Traghetto sign

The traghetti (gondola stations) in Venice have put up signs now warning people about various dangers. I want one of these signs for my house.


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3 Responses to Traghetto sign

  1. bobeaston says:

    Oooooooooooooooh, I want one too!

    Do you have a higher resolution photo you can post? If one with legible text, it could be my next Italian lesson.

    p.s. Thanks for starting the blog!

    • I posted some other pics, though unfortunately I don’t have a higher res version. Maybe we can get someone in Venice to submit a photo…. Hope your students have fun with this!

  2. I got a request for a larger view of this sign. I’m sorry I don’t have one! But here are a few close-ups that included the text. Any readers in Venice want to take some photos for us and send them in? 🙂
    Photo credits are also due to my buddy Laura, who took some of the pics.

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