Gondola Greg

Greg rocks–literally! (He actually belongs to a heavy metal church. I’m not kidding.) 

But besides that, he’s the president of the Gondola Society of America. Bet you didn’t know that even existed. He runs a gondola company in Newport Beach, CA, with operations in Nevada and Texas as well. I think he loves gondolas more than a lot of Venetian gondoliers I know…. He’s also my go-to guy to check facts because, besides rowing, he’s worked on his own gondola, rowed with a rowing club and in the Vogalonga in Venice, and knows many of the cantieri (boatmakers). I was on the phone with him this weekend (he called from his car where he had snuck out while one of the metal bands was playing), and he gave me great feedback for an article I’m writing about 18th century gondolas. (BTW Greg, Stefano says there are five squeri still in operation.)

Check out Greg’s blog for fun stories about things that happen in his gondola. Be sure to read the recent post on the message in the bottle (great writing, Greg!). 


About seductivevenice

Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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