Article has been sent!!

I’ve been working on an article about gondolas during the 18th century and how that connects to Casanova. He mentions gondolas a number of times in his memoirs, and of course would have used them daily in Venice. Back in his day, there were more canals and waaaaay more gondolas (some say 10,000! That’s compared to about 500 nowadays.) 

So I’ve sent the article to the inimitable editors at l’Intermediaire des Casanovistes. Yeah, the periodical is in French, Italian, and English, so I can’t read much of it! It has a readership of about 250 Casanovists. Ahhhh, I hope I make it into those hallowed pages! I’ll be in illustrious company.

If you’re dying to read the article and don’t happen to subscribe to l’Intermediaire, I’ll be posting a version of it to my website soon.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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1 Response to Article has been sent!!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Would love to read it!

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