Rick Steves in Venice–New footage

Rick Steves posted Venice bits in his June news (see link). The slideshow is fun–he features a gondolier pointing out Casanova’s house (but is it the right one? Doesn’t seem to be!) There’s also a caption of rainy Venice: “It’s raining, but who cares? You’re in Venice.” Sounds just like my friend Joe. The shot of the rainbow over the Rialto Bridge is stunning.

Steves also has a short video he shot with his phone (and an extreme closeup of his mouth) of Piazza San Marco at 7:30 am. Sooo empty! Worth getting up early. There’s also a couple pages of stories, including a funny one about the Italian boys checking out the American girls and the Venetian girls who are like clams.

But please notice, dear readers, that Steves titles his piece “Seduced by La Serenissima.”  You know that I got that “Seductive” title first, right? You’ll back me up when someone tries to say I can’t use that title? I couldn’t help myself–I even emailed him and told him about this blog. Think I’ll get a response?


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2 Responses to Rick Steves in Venice–New footage

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I hope you do get a response. Maybe he’ll feature on one of his shows about Venice.

    • I DID get a response! Steves’ website team replied to thank me for writing. They said, “It’s always fun to hear those stories that everyone experiences on their travels.”

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