Free Gondola Ride Rides Again

I spent yesterday and today rereading Free Gondola Ride to edit for typos because….I’m going to make it into an ebook! I’m considering making Seductive Venice (the Casanova guidebook) into an ebook later, so making Free Gondola Ride into one first is like the test run. I’m going to use, which I had heard good things about, and then it was recommended to me by an author named Terri who was recommended by the massage therapist that I met when I won a raffle for a free massage. The universe does indeed send things in mysterious ways.

Rereading FGR, I was struck by how good it is! I hadn’t read it in a long time and had grown a little embarrassed by it when I saw it through the eyes of people like the Casanova scholars that I’ve been working with. (Actually, they were very kind and encouraging, but I think of it as a first book with its inevitable shortcomings.) I got to relive my six weeks with the gondoliers, when I got to know Stefano, Paolo, Franco, and others, when I began learning Italian, when I became part of the Santi Apostoli neighborhood. I went swimming in the lagoon off the side of a gondola, under a full moon! I became a messenger of Venetian profanity. I found out what anguria is. How very lucky I was.

So I’ve hired Jake to format the book for Smashwords (so I can spend my time on things like finishing Seductive Venice). I’ll post when it’s available.

BTW, the most embarrassing thing ever. In FGR, I tell the story about gondoliers pointing out Casanova’s house. But get this–I had Casanova’s first name wrong. Sheesh. Inexcusable. I can’t believe I made an error like that and now writing a book on the guy. Really, you can trust me now. I’ve done my research and won’t make mistakes like that again!


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