Secret Venice

I just finished reading Secret Venice, a guidebook that includes none of the things you’d expect to go see in Venice. The cover kind of freaked me out–it shows a bridge over the Grand Canal, with gondolas floating by, but it’s a bridge that doesn’t exist! It turns out it was a painting showing one of the plans submitted for the Rialto Bridge, though this plan was rejected.

I marked pages of things I have to go see next time I’m in Venice. (Once I bought RJ a plane ticket just so he could join me at Da Romano on Burano to try the go risotto. I couldn’t have the experience without him there.) So on the list:

  • The workshop at the Valese Iron Foundry–see a real working foundry, right near the Ghetto, where foundries were originally housed. Who wouldn’t get excited by molten metal?
  • A Boat Trip Around the Squeri–you can hire a guy who will take you from one to another of the last existing squeri, the boatyards where gondolas are made. Why haven’t I done this before? Greg, have you been hiding this one from me?
  • Da Toni restaurant–basically a fisherman’s cabin out behind Torcello. Toni will even come pick you up in his boat, then take you back and cook his fresh caught fish for you. He has one of the few remaining bilancie, a suspended fishing net. Orzata and branzino,wait for me!

If those aren’t good enough reasons to return to Venice, I don’t know what else is!


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One Response to Secret Venice

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    As if you needed another excuse . . .

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