Venice Bucket List

Recently, I’ve been checking out a blog called Bucket List Publication ( Lesley made a bucket list of things, big and small, that she wants to see, accomplish, do, and so on. And then she decided to help others achieve things on their bucket list, like the guy who wanted to drive a race car. She hooked him up with a racing team so he got to achieve that dream. Way cool.

So it got me thinking about my Venetian bucket list. Way back in ’97 I went into Harry’s Bar and spent my whole day’s food allowance on a bellini. Sitting at the door was “Harry” himself (the latest incarnation in the family), and we got to chatting about books. He gave me a copy of his book about the history of the bar, where he explains things like who was the original Harry or why the tables all have three legs. (If you want to know the reason, you’ll have to comment on this blog and request it!!) It’s also packed with fun stories like the guy who was on shore leave and had a note pinned to his shirt that requested that if he was found drunk, he should be deposited back on his ship before it left town.

Ever since then, I’ve wanted to have dinner at Harry’s Bar, in the real restaurant upstairs, not just the cafe. It’s not like the food is $1000 a plate, but see, I always spend all my money just GETTING to Venice and having a roof over my head. I don’t splurge on expensive dinners there. Heck, I’ve still never paid the 12 euros to have a coffee at Caffe Florian or Caffe Quadri in the Piazza!

So my bucket list item is dinner at Harry’s Bar. And maybe coffee at Florians. And I guess I should add to the list dinner at Da Fiore, one of the city’s other finest restaurants. A couple times I stayed at an apartment just around the corner from it, passing it daily, looking at the lucky people sitting at the little balcony table. There’s talk at my house about a trip to Venice just after Christmas, so maybe my Christmas list will be for dinner money! Why should I keep waiting to make this dream come true?

I have achieved a few Venice bucket list items, by the way. I always wanted to be there in the snow, and that has happened twice (one of them on Valentine’s Day. Karen woke me after a crazy night of Carnevale revels, and though I was ready to curse her for waking me so early, she stuck my head out the window and said, “Look at the present Venice gave you today!”) (See photo 3 of me looking out the window at the snow falling.) Another item was to see the Vogalonga, and I lucked out by being there at the right time last summer. (See photo 1) Then there was Carnevale, a big bucket list item at one time, though I ended up going three times and will probably return for more. Or being on a boat for the fireworks at Redentore was another one, though I’ve happily achieved that one more than once, too. (See photo 2) Life is good, but it gets even better. Tell Harry I’m coming.


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