Pizza Party!

There’s a group in Venice–40xVenezia–made up of locals and others who wish to help preserve the traditions of the Venetian community. It sprang up a few years ago, probably in response to the ever-increasing numbers of tourists and the descriptions of Venice as a type of Disneyland, where there should be an entrance fee to the city, or the number of visitors should be limited. Rather than merely rail against the present state of tourism, a bunch of locals decided to build community amongst themselves, thus the formation of the group.

Well, they’re having a pizza party!

Sometimes 40xVenezia has protests, sometimes documentaries, sometimes informational gatherings. But this is a simple pizza party. It’ll be at Ae Oche, a small, local chain of pizza parlors started in Venice (now a franchise that has grown beyond the city), with a logo featuring geese (oche). The party will be August 7 at the Zattare location. Go locals!

I have many great Ae Oche memories–dinner there with Stefano and his family as I watched his daughters dive into pizza with french fries on top; or a time at Carnevale when all the wait staff wore costumes and tricked their friends by bringing out a calzone that had a roll of toilet paper inside. Their pizza is excellent, worth a visit, even if it’s crowded and takes a while. (But isn’t that the Italian way?)

I found a couple photos from a dinner at Ae Oche (near San Giacomo dell’Orio), and I’m also including here a few favorite pizza photos. Yes, this post was supposed to be about 40xVenezia, but it has become an homage to Italian pizza instead.

ImageRJ enjoys his Ae Oche pizza: prosciutto, walnuts, and gorgonzola.

ImageMy pizza: pear and gorgonzola.

ImagePizza at La Perla, near Santi Apostoli: strawberries with balsamic reduction and parmesan. OMG.

ImageCas seems unsure if she’s excited about her pizza or not.

ImageVal and Cas get into the spirit of pizza.

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2 Responses to Pizza Party!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Both your and RJ’s pizzas sound amazing!

  2. Valentino says:

    This was THE BEST. Thanks for re-kindling those memories Kathy! You know what’s weird? I was just thinking of you and RJ today on my long drive home ^.^

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