What He Said

I have a little collection of fun things Casanova said. Here are a few:

“I like to do good at the expense of my money,” he wrote, “but not at the expense of my freedom” (Vol. 3, 100).

About Countess Rinaldi: “She had the art to leave me hoping for everything while granting me nothing” (Vol. 2, 203).

About Caterina, his 14-year-old lover who was later sent to a convent: “But the nature of my kiss showed the dove that she was in the talons of the hawk” (Vol. 3, 250).

About Countess Bonefede: At one point, her shoe became loose, and Casanova, adjusting it, told us, “… She raised her dress a little, but it was enough to leave nothing to prevent me from seeing what very nearly made me drop dead” (Vol. 1, 192).

About himself when he was young: “… for in those days, though I was very much prejudiced in my own favor, I had not a shred of self-confidence” (Vol. 1, 199).

About his friend Count Zawoiski: “He was a man of honor, with only a modicum of intellect but enough to keep him happy,” (Vol. 2, 202).

About himself as a young man: Casanova wrote, “…for my hair was so elegantly curled that it really did deserve excommunication” (Vol. 1, 103).

About his relationship with Nanetta and Marta Savognan, with whom he lost his virginity: “This love, which was my first, taught me almost nothing about the way of the world, for it was perfectly happy, unbroken by trouble of any kind, and untarnished by any interested motives” (Vol. 1, 200).

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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Sucha a way with words (among other things)

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