What the Prostitute Said

I’m doing the final edits on Seductive Venice before I send it off to the e-publisher. As I read through Walk #4 again, I came across a detail and now I need to make a decision.

There’s a story of when Casanova was talking to his friend the English Resident Murray, who claimed that any Venetian nun could be had for a price, if one knew who to talk to. He claimed to have been with a noblewoman-turned-nun, who also kept as her lover the French Ambassador. Casanova was horrified–this was his lover M.M. (who later researchers discovered is mostly likely Marina Morosini). (Yes, she kept the Ambassador as her lover, as well as Casanova, as well as another nun.) He and Murray laid a trap: Murray would visit a pimp to procure this nun, and while she waited in the room for him, Murray and Casanova would make a quick visit to Marina in her convent to prove it was not she who had been procured.

They met Marina as planned, then returned to the prostitute and divested her of pistols and a stilletto. Under duress, she finally admitted that she was indeed a prostitute. But she also told Casanova that she had seen him often as he passed under her window at her home in Campo San Rocco.

Of course, we have no idea where her room in San Rocco was. But it’s a very short detour in Walk #1 if I want to add this location. The campo is a neat little location, with an excellent gelateria, and it’s also where the Scuola di San Rocco is, which has really amazing ceilings by Tintoretto. Most tourists never visit this area and miss this site.

Tiffany and Danny stayed in this campo last year and loved it, so I’m guessing they’ll say I should put it in. Anyone else want to advise me?

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7 Responses to What the Prostitute Said

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Sounds interesting but, since I’ve never been to Venice, I am probably not the best advisor here.

  2. Gondola Greg says:

    Put it in. The intertwining of the walks is a plus, and could serve to encourage the reader/walker to do another walk if they see where the paths cross. Just the opinion of a gondolier. :o)

  3. Karen says:

    Include it. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for all your replies. RJ made a good point, though–the maps are already done, so I can’t add it in that way. But the location is just a few steps away from where Walk 1 already goes, so I think I can make it work.

  4. Barbara Neilson says:

    hmmmm I’d follow your own instincts and RJ’s point, but please add SHE to par. 3 or whatever is the missing word. xxo Barbara

  5. Margie Kelley says:

    An opportunity to visit a Casanova site and see a Tintoretto is well worth the extra walking…I would add it!!!

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