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In the meantime, here’s a quiz you can take on Casanova. See what you know. I’ll post the answers next time. There are 5 more quiz questions on my website: http://www.seductivevenice.com (with the answers!) and 20 total in the book itself. The questions here are ones that didn’t make it into the book.

1. What was Casanova’s favorite morning drink?

2. How did Abate Tosello, the parish priest, punish Casanova for wearing stylish hair?

3. How did Casanova make a key so he could sneak into the house of the Savorgnan sisters?

4. Senator Malipiero complained that he had to dine alone because he ate so slowly. What was Casanova’s solution to this problem?

5. Besides a blind dumbwaiter, what modern British convenience did Casanova’s casino have?

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