How Did You Do?

Here are the quiz answers. Now, you know that if you had bought the book already, you’d know the answers! But I won’t make you search. Here they are, following the questions.

1. What was Casanova’s favorite morning drink?

Hot chocolate. He just referred to it as chocolate, and he was very particular about how it was prepared and served. Have you ever had that thick pudding-like chocolate you get in European countries where you need to add cream or milk so you can drink it? That’s what he liked.

2. How did Abate Tosello, the parish priest, punish Casanova for wearing stylish hair?

Casanova was very egotistical about his hair and had it elaborately styled, even though he was studying to be a priest and should not be swayed by material things. Tosello scolded him, to no avail. Finally, while Casanova slept, the Abate snuck into his room and cut off his bangs. Casanova was so enraged that he consulted a lawyer and felt he would be justified in shedding Tosello’s blood. Instead, though, Casanova found a good hairdresser and then claimed that his hair looked so good he really did deserve excommunication.

3. How did Casanova make a key so he could sneak into the house of the Savorgnan sisters?

He took a mold of their door key in a piece of bread and had his own key made.

4. Senator Malipiero complained that he had to dine alone because he ate so slowly. What was Casanova’s solution to this problem?

Casanova counseled the Senator to invite only people who ate twice as much food, so they would dine longer, and then they wouldn’t notice that he dined so slowly. Malipiero had few teeth, which slowed him down.

5. Besides a blind dumbwaiter, what modern British convenience did Casanova’s casino have?

It had a British style water closet, very rare in Italian houses at that time.

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1 Response to How Did You Do?

  1. Julian says:

    Uhm, I got 2 of 5. Hot chocolate. Mostly because we were discussing the quiz before it was published. I did guess that the priest cut his hair. The water closet thing- I like it. I suppose chamber pots were more the rule in those days?

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