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That’s Italian for fireman. I have two fireman stories for you, Venetian firemen, that is. Years ago a girlfriend of mine was staying in this great little one-star hotel where we knew the owners. (I had stayed there in the … Continue reading

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Casanova’s Bambini

It was inevitable that Casanova would father children, even though he never married. In Venice, this happened two times (at least as far as his memoirs attest to). One near miss was with Caterina Capretta, the 14-year-old daughter of a … Continue reading

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I was just checking out the blog “Quadri della Vita,” which has some great photos (and text). The shots remind me of some I’ve taken, so I thought I’d post mine. I love a bright blue sky so that the … Continue reading

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Serbia Rocks!

Hi readers in Serbia! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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  My friend Vonda just returned from a trip to Venice, where she took this photo of the Cinema Rossini, which is Casanova’s day was known as the Teatro Benedetto. Vonda was there to buy Murano glass for her store … Continue reading

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Yes, I Joined the Amazon Jungle

Seductive Venice is now available on Amazon: Get it while it’s hot!

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Steves on Venice Again

Rick Steves once again wrote about Venice this week. Of all the places in Europe, it seems to be one of his favorites. He notes the ways it is changing–more garbage and cruise ships (I hear some of you saying, … Continue reading

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Do You Mean Sensitive Nice?

No, this is not another post about bad translations. I was checking to see that Seductive Venice is available in ebook stores. When you go to iTunes and type in Seductive Venice, it will take you to my book. Yay! … Continue reading

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The White Gondola

The White Gondola

My friend Piero recently sent me this photo. It’s a gondola on the Adriatic Sea, by the island of Iesolo, near Venice. Non-black gondolas are usually the racing gondolas; each racer in the regatte rows a different color boat so viewers can easily tell them apart from afar. I’m guessing this guy was a racer headed out to practice.

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What is a┬ácavana, you may ask? I know you’ve been pondering this one for a while. That word keeps popping up, and you have to keep asking yourself, what is it? It’s at the tip of your brain…. Well, your … Continue reading

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