Steves on Venice Again

Rick Steves once again wrote about Venice this week. Of all the places in Europe, it seems to be one of his favorites. He notes the ways it is changing–more garbage and cruise ships (I hear some of you saying, “Same thing!), more people on their cell phones, fewer locals. In fact, in paragraph six he tells where there’s “An electric reader board in a pharmacy window [that] ticks down with each person who moves out or dies.” Creepy. Does anyone know where this pharmacy is? I’ll look it up and let you know (or please write in if you know where it is).

Here’s his article:

Despite the “peste turistica” as I once heard it called, he contends that there are still ways to see the more traditional Venice. Get up early, like seven a.m. Or stay late, after the day trippers have left town. Or walk farther out, away from the Rialto or Piazza. Venice will repay you for your troubles.


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One Response to Steves on Venice Again

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I can’t imagine the damage to the fragile substructure of the city those cruise ships are doing when they are that close to homes. sad.

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