Now Available!

Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps is now available in paperback! I just picked up a dozen boxes from the printer, just in time to give as holiday presents! (Well, I’m a little late for Hanukkah.) You can buy it for $10 with PayPal through my website: It’s a beautiful little book. šŸ™‚

Last summer the walks were all tested by friends who were with me in Venice as I was writing the walking directions: Laura, Tiffany & Danny, Lisa, Becca, and then friends who live there: Laura and B. More recently, they’ve been tested by new friends Vonda and Dayna, both with keen eyes for details. I think maybe Dayna missed her calling as a professional editor! Though she lives on the other coast, we got to meet in SF at Thanksgiving and have an Urban Picnic lunch. I’m so grateful to all who helped with this book.

Next…RJ and I head to Venice in a week! Can you guess why I had the book printed this week? It wasn’t just for your gift-giving pleasure, but we also hope to place it in stores in Venice. Wish me luck!

Here’s a photo of my first book, Free Gondola Ride, in the window of Studium, a bookstore behind the Basilica San Marco.

FGR in store


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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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2 Responses to Now Available!

  1. Margie Kelley says:

    That is very exciting!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. I have my copy!! Thanks Kathy!!!

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