The Escape Garden

Did you notice the new banner photo this week? It’s the canal alongside the Palazzo Morosini del Giardino, in Cannaregio. This palazzo was owned by a branch of the Morosini family, one of the oldest patrician families in Venice. This house was especially known for its exquisite gardens, with lush vegetation, flowers, and statuary. (You can see a bit of greenery poking over the wall.)

Under the arches you see here, people could catch the traghetto to Murano or other parts of Venice. In his memoirs, Casanova mentions this place. He felt he was being followed as he left Murano and his lover there. He exited the traghetto boat here to try to throw off his follower, and then he cut through the gardens. On the other side he faced his stalker and threatened him at knife point, though the man got away. (The full version of the story is in Walk #3 of Seductive Venice.)

I’ve read that the nuns who now run the convent at this location will sometimes allow visitors to view the gardens. Next week I’ll be in Venice and will knock on their door to find out for myself!


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