Sign Painter Turf Wars

Boyoboyoboy. I’m in Venice and I have so much to blog about, but I don’t have easy internet access. This is torture. So I typed these in the apartment on the laptop and came to an internet café to upload everything at once. Hope you don’t mind.

I’m hopping mad at the city of Venice! As my loyal blog readers know, I just printed 500 copies of Seductive Venice and have started selling them. Well, since I was last in Venice (last summer), the city decided to repaint the street signs! Instead of using the Venetian dialect spelling as they had been, they have updated street sign spellings to the more standard Italian for many words. Now trageto is traghetto, vechio is vecchio, salizada is salizzada, guera is guerra, and spechieri is specchieri, among others. So now my book is full of typos! Ack! I hate that! And I was especially careful to be consistent and check spellings of things, too.

And they only changed the spelling in some areas! San Marco district is changed, but not San Polo! Yes, the paint is fresh there. Are the San Marco sign painters Italian (non-Venetian) while the San Polo painters are Venetian? Gah! Turf wars!

The city also decided to take care of some little details. For example, a street near Campo Sant’Anzolo that went from being Calle de la Mandola to Calle del Spezier, now does not change its name but remains Mandola. Where there was no street sign last summer for Calle dei Avocati, there is now a freshly painted one, with the spelling changed to Avvocati. Grrr.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

So now I’m updating the book and the maps. If you buy my book now, you’ll get a little slip of paper with it explaining why some book spellings don’t match the street signs. Please don’t blame me! I couldn’t afford the plane ticket any sooner than this.

Most importantly, though, these changes won’t cause you to get lost or fall into a canal. But the sticklers out there will be annoyed. I know I am. I’m sorry!

Check out these examples from Salizzada Santa Fosca and the Ghetto Novo–two spellings for the same place!

IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7099 IMG_7098


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2 Responses to Sign Painter Turf Wars

  1. Julian says:

    We are fortunate that you are so thorough and meticulous. Thank you.

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Honestly they should have contacted you since you are bringing more tourists into the city.

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