Random Card Haiku

Silly brown lion

Just because cherries are red

Does not make them meat

This is the haiku RJ wrote in the Frankfurt airport based on the cards “lion” and “cherries.” We found a set of tiny child’s cards with pictures on them and then set each other the tasks of making up poems or stories based on two random cards.

The ice cream cone met the sun and then melted but then Frosty the Snowman touched the ice cream cone and brought him back to life then took him to the North Pole and ate him.

The airplane saw a green car on the road underneath him and put a message on his belly for the car to see to meet him at gate Z, which he did, and they touched noses then ran off together.

I got the idea from Laura, who comes up with this kind of thing when we travel together. One time we chose random words from the in-flight magazine and wrote haikus. One time in a gallery we had to silently guess which piece of art was the other’s favorite.


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3 Responses to Random Card Haiku

  1. Laura says:

    Mile High Haiku… There is nothing more inspiring than SkyMall.

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    How fun! And I thought the best way to while away the time was reading.

  3. Barbara Neilson says:

    RJ, I love this! Barbara

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