Breakfast at Florian’s

You know how Holly Golightly always peers into the windows of Tiffany’s, wanting what she can’t have and can’t afford? That’s kind of how I felt for years, going to Venice, walking through the Piazza, gazing at the multitudes sitting at little round tables in front of Florian and Quaddri. A coffee costs around ten bucks, though I can have one at my neighborhood caffe for about a dollar fifty.

So I always talked myself out of it.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was inspired by Lindsay Carter’s blog about bucket lists, that people should do some of the things that they always meant to do. On this trip I did, like having dinner at Da Fiore. (See previous post.)


So RJ and I sauntered up to Florian’s like we belonged there, pushed open the door, and asked for a table. Why didn’t we just sit at one of the Piazza tables, you ask, and have the waiter come to us? Well, because it was about 40 degrees out. We weren’t sure that if we sat outside we could get the cup of coffee to our lips without spilling it from our shivering hands. But we did choose to sit under the covered walkway, the best of both worlds. Our forcola sat next to us. We figured it may be the only time in Florian’s 250 year history that a forcola has sat in that spot.


The waiter came, the menu came. We ordered a caffe macchiato and scones with cream and jam. Florian’s has its own brand of jam, that comes in its own sealed little jar. You can buy it inside if you like. They also brought us a carafe of water. Tap water. But it may be the only time I’ve ever had someone bring me free water in Venice.

We also ordered hot chocolate named after Casanova. (Geez, there was no way I could NOT order that!) The chocolate had a layer of mint on top. Now, Casanova loved hot chocolate, and he was very particular about how he liked it prepared. (He notes on more than one occasion that he especially liked a particular woman because she prepared his chocolate just so.) But he never said nothing bout no mint.

So thirty something bucks later, we had satisfied our sweet tooth, our caffeine fix, and our bucket list item. Credit also goes to Karen and David, who helped to finance the sojourn with some birthday money. That’s Karen’s birthday note on our disheveled tray. Grazie, ragazzi!


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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:


  2. faz says:

    Wow that is expensive but exciting sounding. Is Venice famous for Hot Chocolate? Or just Florians?

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