The Neophyte Writes!

Last spring I mentioned working on an article for l’Intermediaire des Casanovistes, the publication for Casanova scholars and enthusiasts. The piece is about gondolas during the 18th century, specifically illuminating their usage during Casanova’s time in Venice. I explored such things as the specific design, accoutrements such as the felze, the traghetto regulations, gondolier livery, etc. For the Intermediaire publication, I left out most of the Casanova quotes since those readers are already familiar with his memoirs and letters, but I uploaded another version of the article at my website to make it available to all. Read it here:

And I’m bringing this up now because?

Because the article finally came out in the December Intermediaire volume! This is especially exciting to me because I often feel like a neophyte to Casanova scholarship, and at least in one small way, I’ve been recognized as knowing something of value to the community. Later in this Intermediaire, editor Helmut Watzlawick added a note about the impending publication of Seductive Venice, stating that I am “taking into account most recent research results and thereby replacing earlier guides which contain outdated and misleading information” (36). Helmut helped me with much valuable information as I conducted research for the book. Though I know I have a long way to go, I am so happy to have reached this level of scholarship, and I appreciate the recognition.


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One Response to The Neophyte Writes!

  1. Barbara Neilson says:

    Knowledgeable Neophyte, very impressive! Super glad you don’t have to die to be recognized….heh Proud to know you! Barbara

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