In Your Hands in More Ways

Seductive Venice is now for sale at Recycle Books on The Alameda in San Jose. A big shout out thank you to Eric for carrying it–Recycle specializes in used books and doesn’t usually carry local authors, but he made an exception for Seductive Venice. You could thank him next time you’re there, and you’ll also have the fun of browsing the many, many shelves of books and petting the resident cats!

If you live too far from San Jose, you can also now order Seductive Venice from Alibris and Amazon. You’ll notice that the seller is Ca’ Specchio. That’s my new publishing imprint. I figured that after self-publishing my third book, I might as well just call myself a publisher and make it official!

If you search the online sites by author name, you’ll also see my other books pop up. I’m curious to know where they get the used copies of my books and why they’re selling some for over $100! Umm, if you want one, just buy from Ca’ Specchio (me) and get a new copy for waaay less than that! Free Gondola Ride is a fun read about the gondoliers who inspired me to research Casanova’s true homes. A Small Candle is a completely different topic, but also one dear to my heart–Camp Everytown, an anti-prejudice camp for teens.

Happy reading, and thanks for the support!


About seductivevenice

Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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One Response to In Your Hands in More Ways

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    You are making more inroads into the very closed publishing world. Good for you!

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