Helmut Speaks

This week I received this endorsement from one of the top Casanovists in the world, a man who has answered my many doofus questions with patience, as he leapt from one train to the next. Danke and grazie mille, Helmut!

“Generations of readers of Casanova visiting Venice have tried to discover places which played a role in his life. For a long period their only help in this search were footnotes in editions of the memoirs or biographies of Casanova. It was only in 1961 that Jacques Marsan published in a small print run a brief guide entitled Sur le pas de Casanova à Venise. This was followed in 1993 by the compendium Sui passi di Casanova a Venezia, containing many drawings and maps, published by the Venice-based Comité International des Amis de Casanova. Since then much of the information contained in these guides has been updated, corrected and expanded by more recent research published in many different places and so far of little help to visitors of Venice with this special interest. It is the great merit of Kathleen Gonzalez to have brought together after painstaking research this myriad of dispersed data in her book Casanova’s Venice: A Walking Guide, a precious gift to all who want to stroll through the Serenissima in Casanova’s footsteps.”

Helmut Watzlawick, editor and co-director, L’Intermédiaire des Casanovistes

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