Dog Butt

Dog butts can be awfully adorable. Especially when they’re in Venice in a particularly picturesque campo.

My friend Vonda, who loves all things Venice and pines for the place as I do, sent me this link. She confesses that whenever she has a spare five minutes, she checks out another video on this site. This one features the yellow and white striped awnings of Bar Tiziano, one of my favorite places for a spritz (I so recently mentioned it in my post about Mary). But I think the best moment is watching the little dog walk across the Campiello del Remer (Casanova site of the inn of Silvestro Boncousin, Walk 5), disappearing into the doorway. Enjoy the sounds of Venice!

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4 Responses to Dog Butt

  1. Vonda Wells says:

    Yes the sounds of Venice — one of my favorite things there! No car noises, no car horns or engines, and no boom boom boom of car stereos. Sounds you will hear are conversations, footsteps, boats and of course, church bells. Ahhhh!

  2. Bert says:

    Oops! That dog was not in Campiello del Remer; it was in Corte Morosini. I like the shot of the pigeon going through the sotoportego to Corte Prima del Milion.

  3. Oh, thanks for clarifying. I couldn’t figure out where that doorway was in Campiello del Remer, but many of the other shots were there, so I thought they were all in the same place.

  4. Bert says:

    A couple enter Corte Morosini [the nizioleto says ‘Corte Morosina’, but you just can’t get the staff these days. You cannot read the nizioleto in the video, I just threw that in in case you go to find it.] at 2:02. You will see that there are two staircases in the corte, whereas Campiello del Remer only has one. You may know that there is an excellent tympanum over the entrance to the corte. The switch to Campiello del Remer is at 2:29

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