The Music Swells

I had email today from my friend Summer, who is in Venice right now. She had the risotto at Da Romano on Burano. She had a spritz con Aperol. She’s staying at the Hotal Ca’ Bragadin Carabba, next to Casanova’s house. She’s making me simultaneously very happy for her and also quite jealous.

So what did I do? I watched Summertime.

It’s not only my favorite Venice movie, but it’s also a sort of bitter cure for whenever I’m missing Venice. I pine and sigh–and am always happily annoyed at the crazy montages that have Katherine Hepburn’s pensione near both the Accademia and the Rialto at the same time. Or she’s standing in the Piazza San Marco taking a picture of the Goldoni statue in Campo San Bartolomeo. I’ve finally learned to shut my mouth about these inconsistencies and just enjoy the scenery.

As Hepburn enters the Piazza San Marco for the first time, the music swells. Shouldn’t the Piazza come with a soundtrack? At the moment each person enters it, a sensor should notice and cue the music to swell. Or, in keeping with the idea of Venice becoming a theme park, each person should be issued headphones with a soundtrack. (Yikes! What am I saying!) What song do you think would be perfect for the moment you enter the Piazza? Please write in with your suggestions! Or create your own soundtrack and put on your headphones as you enter the Piazza–for the first or the fifteenth–time.

Here’s the scene when Hepburn first sees Rossano Brazzi in the PIazza:

Pour a spritz or a glass of wine and enjoy–and send me your Venice soundtrack ideas!

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5 Responses to The Music Swells

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    For some reason, Bach Piano Concerto N. 21 – the Elvira Madigan theme – or the Intermezzo to Cavaleria Rusticana by Mascagni – both ridiculously romantic in my mind

  2. biankonera says:

    Sounds of the basilica’s bells would do just fine 🙂

  3. Bert says:

    You may notice that at first you would think that they are in the Piazza, outside a caffè, as Jane (Katharine Hepburn) pans from her left to her right, ending with a shot from the bottom to the top of the Torre del’Orologio. However, when she tries to catch the attention of the waiter, they are in the Piazzetta (di San Marco), outside Gran Caffè Chioggia, facing the Doge’s Palace. Just bite your lip!

  4. Kate says:

    Rotundus Maximus: Tipper

    The people in the piazza need to turn into amazing street performers and then come together as a chorus. ~Awesome.

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