Action Man!

The prettily wrapped gift sat on my pillow when I walked into the bedroom. I called out, “What’s this on my pillow?!” so my partner RJ would hear me from the other room. He came in to watch me unwrap his gift–his competition–a Casanova Action Figure!

He wears a blue plastic coat and green plastic waistcoat over white breeches, white stockings, white shoes. Where are his heels? Where is his plumed hat? Yet he does hold in front of his face a volto mask, though it’s black instead of the typical white of his day. Though his hair is long in back, I wouldn’t say it’s styled to deserve excommunication, as the Abate Tosello admonished him. His little plastic cage fits atop a sexy red and black rendition of the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal.

The best part is the text on the packaging. “More than just a lover,” it reads, “Casanova was also a secretary, soldier, preacher, alchemist, gambler, violinist, spy, journalist, fugitive, author, traveler, diplomat, entrepreneur, librarian.” An impressive–and accurate–list! They got it right! And they didn’t merely capitalize on his reputation as a seducer. (The funny thing is, shortly before RJ gave my Action Man to me, I had been preparing a presentation on Casanova and made a list similar to this one on my first slide, before seeing that Casanova’s makers had had the same idea.)

The back of the package is even better. Boxes of text outline his exploits, from his seductions and adventures to his writings, including his obscure sci-fi novel titled the Icosameron, “about a brother and sister who spend 81 years dwelling among the Megamicres of Protocosmos in the interior of the planet.” One sidebar labeled “Legend” defines a “casanova” but then points out that “However, many scholars maintain that Casanova was not a casanova, but rather, a caring and thoughtful lover who had honest feelings for many of the women he had relations with.” An accurate depiction based on his memoirs and biographies! Whoever created this little gem did his (or her) homework.

One big problem, though: his name. It gives his name as Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, which does appear in some sources, but is, in fact, erroneous.

My favorite line: “Weapon of Choice: Seduction.”

The packaging does warn me that this Action Man could be a choking hazard. I blame that line.

Casanova action fig 1 Casanova action fig 2 Casanova action fig 3 Casanova action fig 4


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4 Responses to Action Man!

  1. Nancy schwalen says:

    How fun! I want a picture. Perhaps someday he can meet my Shakespeare and Jane Austen action figures.

  2. Gondola Greg says:

    When I get some extra time, I really need to add “Alchemist” to my personal list.

  3. Vonda Wells says:

    OMG I just googled it and there he is on Amazon in all of his plastic glory!! (choking hazard and all) But wait, where are his women to cavort with? He is said to stand a scant 5.25 inches, and you know he relished in his height of more than 6 feet. Even next to a Barbie he would be half of her 11.5 inches. In order for him to be a true “action” figure and not just a “resting” figure he needs some masked women in the 4.5-5 inch range. Maybe next pillow gift? (props to RJ!!)

    • Casanova has a “date” waiting on the kitchen counter, but so far she has nothing appropriate to wear. (Or maybe her nakedness is entirely appropriate?) She’ll tower over Casanova, which hopefully will not ruin the experience for him. Look for the meeting between the two of them in a forthcoming video!

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