The Day Has Come

Studium window Studium inside


Photos sent by Carol and Will, who are in Venice right now. This is at Studium bookstore, behind Basilica San Marco.

Seductive Venice–in disguise–is in all the bookstores in Venice!

It has a different cover–green, with red text and an ancient map of Venice. And it has a different title: Casanova’s Venice: A Walking Guide. But it has the same author–me! It’s being published by Supernova Edizioni, a homegrown publisher that specializes in Venetian history and writers. Casanova’s Venice will be part of the series of guidebooks that feature authors who lived in Venice, including In Venice and the Veneto with Lord Byron by Gregory Dowling, who introduced me to Supernova.

Giovanni, the owner and publisher, said this, “The book is ready and I’m very happy with it; every bookshop in Venice has it already. The Bookshop Supernova runs is in St. Mark’s Square, number 71F, ground floor soon after the famous Florian Coffee House.”

So get on down there and get your copy! I, unfortunately, will have to be patient. Friends who are in Venice right now have offered to pick it up for me and bring it home with them, but next week I leave the country and won’t be around to get anything anyway!

Gah! Patience is hard! If you’re in Venice, stop by any bookstore, snap a pic of my book, and please send it to me!

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9 Responses to The Day Has Come

  1. Usha says:

    Congratulations, Kathy! And I’m wishing you the best experience on your impending adventures!

  2. Vonda Wells says:

    Most deserved and hard earned CONGRATULATIONS to you!!

  3. Emily Farris says:

    That is so AWESOME, Kathy! Congrats!

  4. Nancy Schwalen says:



  6. Congratulations for this! I’m a big fan of the “In Venice and the Veneto” series (Byron, Hemingway and James), so I cannot miss yours!

  7. Alex says:

    It’s a great feeling – seeing your book on a bookshelf in a bookshop, I hope to experience it some day too. Congratulations!

    Studium is still holding out – while so many bookstores in Venice are closed or will be closed in the next month.

    I’ll look for your book and the others in the series while I’m in Venice in November.

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