Quiz answers

Sadly, no one wrote in with all the correct answers. Did I make the questions too hard? I’ll keep Venice Is a Fish for now and try again with new questions.

Here are the answers to the quiz (with the questions repeated so you don’t have to search backwards for them).


1. True or False: Casanova’s lover M.M. didn’t learn his name until months after they had commenced their affair.

2. How long did Casanova stay at the seminary of San Cipriano di Murano?

3. What Greek classic did Casanova translate?

4. What was the name of Casanova’s dog at the end of his life, which, coincidentally, was also the name of the cat that was killed when the Campanile of Venice collapsed in 1902?

5. What degree did Casanova earn from his studies in Padua?


1. True. It was safer to protect each other from scandal if they didn’t know each other’s names, though Casanova did learn her name early on.

2. He lasted only two weeks at the seminary.

3. Casanova translated the Iliad, though his paid subscriptions ran out before he published the final volume.

4. The dog and cat were both named Melampyge. (That’s the spelling used in Trask’s translation, though you’ll see some variations.)

5. Casanova tells us that he earned a doctor of law degree, though there is some dispute about this. Specifically, Casanova claimed he earned a “doctor in utroque iure” or doctor in “utriusque iuris,” meaning “doctor in both law,” civil law and canon law. (There’s a Wikipedia entry on this if you want details.) Records at the university show Casanova enrolling but don’t show him graduating; for comparison, researchers did find the record of Carlo Goldoni obtaining his law degree earlier. Casanova did later work for Marco da Lezze as a law clerk, and this may have been a practicum period, yet Casanova never did work as a full time advocate. (But then again, he didn’t ever really work as a full time anything, except maybe when he ran a shop making fabrics in France.) If you read Italian, the excellent Wikipedia entry written by Adriano Contini will give you all the details.

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