Valerie Speaks!

At a recent speaking event, I met author Valerie Lee. After reading Seductive Venice, she kindly sent me this review, to be shared with others. I’ve read her book The Jade Rubies, a historical novel about two Chinese sisters sold into slavery at the turn of the last century.

Thanks, Valerie!


Seductive Venice: In Casanova’s Footsteps 

This is a delightful book about Giacomo Casanova, Venice and its people written by Kathleen Ann Gonzalez.

Here is an inside look at his life as we take a step backward into history of a different time of the Grand Canal, gondola rides, theaters, opera houses, and Carnevale.

As you read about Casanova’s many escapades told in seven walks around Venice outlined by his wanderings, you can visualize these spots where he actually has his dalliances.  Not only would you learn about his family, friends and the many women in his life but this is a perfect guide for places you might like to consider seeing when you visit there.

I am sure that you will be highly entertained by this book if you ever wondered about Casanova, the Italian sex machine.

–A book review by Valerie Lee, Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row


Here’s Valerie’s blog, where she often writes about human rights issues surrounding Chinese Americans and Chinese citizens.

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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Another flattering comment!! You are one a roll (backwards, due to me).

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