Gondola in a Bottle

ImageI came across this photo while looking for something else. That’s a gondola inside a giant Absolute Vodka bottle, in the courtyard of a palazzo in Venice (sorry, I don’t remember which one. Maybe one of you recognizes it?) This was in 2003 as part of the Biennale. Here’s me, straining to hold it up:



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4 Responses to Gondola in a Bottle

  1. Gondola Greg says:

    I love it!
    And what a gorgeous Wedding Gondola.
    Looks like they left the tip of the ferro wrapped so it wouldn’t accidentally pop the “bottle”.

  2. Nancy says:

    When I looked at the first picture, I thought it was a miniature gondola in a regualr Absolut bottle. when I saw the second picture, I just laughed out loud.

  3. Roby says:

    This gondola was exposed in “Ca’ Zenobio degli Armeni” Palace.

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