Time for a Photo

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This week my students have been studying various empires in their World History class. I’ve been trying to help them prepare for a test (I’m an academic resource counselor besides being an English teacher), and they’ve had all these names like Busbecq and Ottoman and Kublai Khan. But you know how people are generally only interested in the things that connect to themselves? Well, all I could think about was Marco Polo, the Venetian explorer who traveled to and through those lands. I wonder if he’s on their test?

The photos show Polo’s former house in Venice, which is now the Teatro Malibran, with its two entrances. It’s water-side entrance, with the white facade, faces Palazzo Bragadin, where Casanova used to live. Its land entrance, with the yellow facade, faces an apartment where Casanova used to live. So you can see why I care.

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6 Responses to Time for a Photo

  1. shellydm25 says:

    Well really, when isn’t it time for a photo when one is in Venezia? 😉

  2. Nancy says:

    Great that you can anchor their learning with something concrete (and probably a couple of stories!).

  3. Bert says:

    The Teatro Malibran actually stands on the site of where Marco Polo’s house used to be, so they say.

  4. I’m disappointed that my debut novel THE SECRETS OF CASANOVA won’t be available in time for your students. (Alas, my book’s release is in mid-November). The first chapter deals with the republic of Venice, its longevity, its significance. Not may folks know that Venice was such a power house.

    • Congratulations on your forthcoming book! I just checked out your webpage. It looks like it’ll be a great read. Please put me on your email list to notify me when it’s out (if you have such a list). Keep following Seductive Venice–I often include posts about Casanova. I bet you’d be able to win one of my Casanova quizzes!

  5. Hi again! I’m enjoying your site. Read several of the articles and am relishing the photo spreads. I’m excited to say that The Secrets of Casanova is now available on Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. Please check out the blurbs and see if the book is one you’d enjoy.
    P.S. I’ll be eager to try your Casanova quiz, although it seems that I did my research for the book so long ago that i’ll be lucky to dredge it up!

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