Ever Seen a Venetian Outhouse?


Most Venetian buildings are a few centuries old, at least. Built before indoor plumbing. So a sort of simple fix was to hang the water closet off the outside wall! But where did the water closet waste go? I bet you can guess.

If you look for them, you’ll occasionally see these closets hanging on the sides of buildings. I’m guessing this one didn’t originally have pretty windows and a flower box, but hey, I’m no expert on Venetian water closets. And I only know about them from what gondoliers have told me. Some have also pointed to a houses that I know were not Casanova’s, claiming they were….


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3 Responses to Ever Seen a Venetian Outhouse?

  1. Nancy says:

    Well,, the Thames wa the cesspit for London so i expect the canals were the cesspit for Venice..

  2. ytaba36 says:

    In a small village in Zagarolo, Lazio, south-east of Rome , my host pointed out structures very similar to this, hanging from some homes built up on a cliff. They had one heck of a long drop!

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