Where God Sleeps

Thanks to all who came out yesterday to the Author Fair at the San Jose Martin Luther King Library. It was their first event of this kind and will hopefully be the first of many. About 30 authors attended, with a wide array of topics, from Holocaust survivors (or their families), to fun with Yiddish; to environmental issues; to the loss of a spouse; to a land of flying horses; to steam punk; to Chinese family memoirs; to a guidebook to Casanova sites in Venice. Hey wait, that’s me!

One guy who bought Free Gondola Ride from me said he and his brother will be traveling to Venice soon. His brother once said about Venice, “This is where God came to spend the night.”


The cover for Seductive Venice is in the fifth row down.


Here I am waxing passionate about Venice.

In talking to other authors, one asked about marketing and which techniques were most worthwhile. “What about blogging?” she asked, looking rather dubious. “Does it translate into book sales?”

“Not for me,” I said, “but I love doing it anyway. I’ve been able to share my writing and ideas with so many people, and that’s been hugely satisfying.” Getting feedback from the blogosphere and hearing your comments makes my day. Please keep them coming.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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4 Responses to Where God Sleeps

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Glad it went well. i would love to have been there. (And I found the book in the picture even without your hint.) By the way, Andy will be home for Thanksgiving.

  2. Alex says:

    “This is where God came to spend the night.”///

    Well, that’s an…enigmatic phrase. Can’t grasp it’s meaning.

    • I’m not so sure what he meant either, but it sounded cool. Does God stay in only the best hotels, meaning that Venice is the top of the line? Does God decorate where he sleeps? Does He expect the place He sleeps to be beautiful? Does God rest better when surrounded by water and palaces?

  3. Alex says:

    Getting feedback from the blogosphere and hearing your comments makes my day. Please keep them coming.///

    Looks a bit strange in a post with comments left without response.

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