I’d Rather Be High

I came across this the other day. Part Heath-Ledger-Casanova-film, part Amadeus, part Peter Greenaway. Louis Vuitton has chosen Venice as the backdrop for his new line, and then he went into the film making business.


This is the director’s cut (which I liked better than the shorter one). You can also tour the ballroom by using your mousepad.

Which of these costumes shall I wear when I go to Carnevale? And what are my chances of running into Bowie in Venice? Probably only if I pay hundreds of dollars to attend one of the fancy costume balls.

I guess I won’t be meeting him.

But I wonder if he gets a free gondola ride when he’s there? Or if he knows where Casanova’s hairdresser lived?

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1 Response to I’d Rather Be High

  1. RJ says:

    I wonder if this will improve the Louis Vuitton sales for those street guys. 🙂

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