Email from a Ghost

Barbara Strozzi was a Venetian composer and singer who lived from 1619 to 1677. She published 124 pieces of music, mostly cantatas and arias, more than any other composer (male or female) in her century. She died when she was 58, and last week she sent me an email.

Barbara Strozzi has her own Facebook page. I was looking up some information about her and came across her page and clicked on it, wondering if it was a modern-day person with the same name. But no, it’s really Barbara Strozzi! So I messaged her to introduce myself, and she wrote back!

Barbara Strozzi is actually two people, researchers who have spent a lot of time learning about her life and appreciating her music. Dr. Candace Magner and Susan Mardinly actually manage the page and kindly replied to answer my questions. But I tell ya, it was exciting at first to think I was hearing from Signora Barabara Strozzi herself, from across the centuries and the miles! Amazing what technology can do.

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1 Response to Email from a Ghost

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    What a fun way to “spread the word” about Barbara Strozzi, especially since women composers (artists) of past eras still don’t get much press in the real world.

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