Sneaking into Casanova’s House Again!

My friend Manuel, who lives in Venice, gained access to Casanova’s final house, the place where he lived before he had to leave Venice forever in 1782. This is on Barbaria de le Tole, house #6673, behind the church of SS Giovanni e Paolo. The inhabitant graciously allowed Manuel to come in to film the interior. Here’s the link:

We know quite a few details about this place because of surviving letters. Casanova lived here with his mistress, Francesca Buschini, a seamstress, who wrote to him after he had left the city. “I kiss you with all my heart,” she wrote to her beloved after he had left. The letters tell of many mundane things, like taking care of the dog, and also the constant anxiety Francesca had about paying the rent. “Without you, my dear friend,” she wrote, “we would never have known how to pay it.”She was supporting her mother, brother, and sister, and Casanova’s financial help had been a necessity for her. She also mentioned, “The chickens are still kept in the garret; there is therefore no chicken dirt about.” The room you see in Manuel’s video is this garret. I see laundry and various household objects, but no chicken dirt. Great view, huh?

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4 Responses to Sneaking into Casanova’s House Again!

  1. Rudolf says:

    Nice view!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I am looking forward to watching this. I ma having a hard time associating Casanova with chickens, though.

  3. danny says:

    lol @ title of blog post.
    wish the video were higher def. though, planning on taking a tour of Casanova’s visited places next time I’m in Venice. last time was 2010 :-/
    great blog!

    • Thank you! I tend to travel with a little camera in my pocket, nothing very high tech, so I’m sorry that the quality isn’t so great. Do you know about my book Seductive Venice with the walking tour of Casanova locations? You can get it at my website, and it’s also for sale in bookstores in Venice, under the title Casanova’s Venice: A Walking Guide. Have a great trip!

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