Quattro Minuti con Casanova–Palazzo Bragadin

Happy birthday, Casanova!

To commemorate him, I’ve begun a series of videos featuring Casanova locations in Venice.


These won’t be in any particular order–except what I happened to be walking by that day! I only had time to do six locations when I was in Venice last February. I hope to make more this summer (and I supposed I’ll be dressed quite differently then!)

Someone asked me, “Why four minutes with Casanova?”

The answer is not very deep. I happened to like the alliteration of “quattro,” “con,” and “Casanova.” And if you see the videos, you’ll see that four minutes is a moving target that I didn’t always hit successfully. But hopefully, you’ll learn a little something, or be entertained,  and also enjoy seeing the location rather than just reading these stories in my book.

Manuel Carrion, owner of Carrion Gallery on Giudecca, is opening a show called “Spying on History with Casanova,” and  he’ll be featuring my videos with the other artwork. Here’s a link to his event:


I wonder how Casanova would celebrate his birthday? Maybe with a glass of something yummy. Pour yourself one and enjoy a video while you sip!

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3 Responses to Quattro Minuti con Casanova–Palazzo Bragadin

  1. Love the four minute format!! And of course the CORRECT information on “Casanova’s house!!” You look great, maybe a little cold but great!! It is always great to see what you are up to!!

  2. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I will have to watch these on my PC since, for some reason, my laptop has stopped letting me watch videos.

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