Seduction Weapons

The parts of the brain that deal with arousal and fear are next to each other. The true seducer capitalizes on this.

This is one of the secrets shared on the YouTube video “13 Casanova Seduction Weapons” by Flash Fontanelli.

A number of times when I’ve made presentations about Giacomo Casanova, I’ve had people ask me what was Casanova’s big secret to getting women. What did he do to make women fall in love with him? Did he really live up the the stereotype of the great lover? How did he earn that reputation?

Well, you could read his 12 volume memoirs, The History of My Life, and figure it out for yourself, or you could watch a few videos on YouTube and let Flash and DeAnna explain it to you (though they’ll give you basically opposite advice).

Flash Fontanelli offers this 8 minute video listing the Casanova’s (notice he’s a type, not a real person) 13 seduction weapons. According to this view, a woman is a target.

You really can find a lot of enjoyment watching this video, but if you can’t spare the 8 minutes, here’s a summary of the tips:

1. 100% Eye Contact

2. Pause (to create anticipation in your target) (“You have a beautiful ………. neckline.”)

3. Be a Master of the Compliment (“It has to come not from a bullshit place but from an alpha male place.”)

4. Accelerated Touch (Go for the hair. Don’t wait.)

5. Start with a Sense of Entitlement (“It’s a privilege for a woman to be with a man like him.”)

6. Focus on Her

7. He Reads and Responds to her Body Language (not just reactionary).

8. Slow, Deliberate Speaking Style (“An aura of someone in control”).

9. Use your Bedroom Voice

10. Uses All Eye Contact Styles (see Flash’s other video for details).

11. Use Verbal Triggers (“Put her into her feminine.”)

12. Group Extraction. (Make her your target. Win over her group, then extract her.)

13. The “Tourette’s Method” (“Blurt something out, as if you didn’t mean to.”)

“It’s all about invoking emotion–it has nothing to do with logic,” Flash shares. Start with these 13 tips, and then you can go “Casanova Direct.” See another video for details.

What would Casanova think of this? I bet he’d hate having all his secrets revealed. And what do all those Casanovists think of this? I’m guessing they didn’t study his life and works in order to learn dating secrets.

But, in fact, you can also check out the advice from DeAnna Lorraine, dating coach. Her YouTube video on “How to Be a True ‘Casanova’ with Women” will give you her spin on that crazy dating life.

If you want to win a woman, guys, like Casanova did, you need to be interesting. Travel, read everything you can get your hands on, take up a hobby, dress well, learn to dance. Casanova did all these things. He was an artist and painter too. (Bet you didn’t know this. I know I didn’t.) If you are interesting, guys, a woman is more likely to pick you over the other guy. Or another guy. You can create your own Casanova within yourself, and DeAnna can help show you how. The focus here is to be interesting, so women will get interested in you. Kind of different than #6 above–“Focus on Her.”

Or there’s yet another expert on Casanova’s love weapons. In the YouTube video “How to Get What you Want: Casanova’s Seduction Secret,” IntoTheirMinds has its own advice for getting into a woman’s mind (AKA her pants).

“Find out what she was missing in her life and provide it for her,” they advise. “Casanova observed, listened, and gave it to them,” we learn. Why yes, he did.


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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Who knew anyone would do this much analysis? These were fun to watch but I’m glad I am past this stage.

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