Free Gondola Ride

Free Gondola Ride, the first book I published, is ready to be re-energized, vivified, enlivened, and freshened up. (Guess who had fun with the thesaurus?) So here’s the new website–check it out:

That hunk on the homepage is Franco, featured in the book for our spiritual conversations and a little nighttime swim in the lagoon. Get to know the gondoliers of Venice, and see how many ways I was offered a free gondola ride (and how many of them I accepted!).

This book was decidedly difficult to research, as it involved following around about 30 of Venice’s gondoliers trying to get their attention. This process may have involved some summer dresses and stumbling conversations in Spanish (and later some lessons in the Italian language). I learned how to eat sardine in saor, how to balance properly at a gondolier’s feet, and how to swear like a gondolier. Oh yeah, and there’s some history thrown in to make it seem credible.

All joking aside, more than a couple people have told me they had fun reading this book. I hope you might too. Or at least have fun checking out the new website.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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