Casanova Flavor

Had to have a gelato last night after language class. I’m in Venice to do some research but also to study Italian. Yesterday’s class kicked my heinie with all the indirect object pronouns (but then we played a silly game where we made up mystery stories). My late night treat to myself–gelato!


With all the flavors to choose from, how could I pass up Casanova? Who gets to decide what Casanova should taste like? I don’t remember there being an article in l’Intermediaire des Casanovistes with a discussion about gelato flavors and how they relate back to Casanova’s preferences. I know he liked his hot chocolate, but this gelato was more like a praline.

Whatever the case, the gelato was delicious, and I enjoyed it while listening to the crowd outside yell about the World Cup game between Netherlands and Argentina.


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4 Responses to Casanova Flavor

  1. Gelato after a day working on pronouns sounds perfect!

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