Venice Bloggers Unite!

Last week I got to meet up with a fellow blogger who also happens to be in Venice right now! Liz posts here on Venice as well as all of Italy:

She emailed me and suggested we meet up, so we had a coffee and brioche at Bar Tiziano near the church of San Giovanni Grisostomo. It’s wonderful to geek out with someone who loves Venice and Casanova as much as I. Then we peeked at the view of the Grand Canal from the Campiello del Remer, and I convinced her to stroll over to a local church that I needed a picture of. She was also kind enough to film an upcoming episode of “Quattro Minuti con Casanova,” coming to a blog near you!



(And I expect you’ll see this photo also posted to Liz’s blog soon!)

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3 Responses to Venice Bloggers Unite!

  1. Bert says:

    You very nearly stumped me, Kathy, without even intending to. I didn’t recognise that church door behind you, but with a bit of effort, I found it — San Lio.

  2. You got it! And that one wasn’t even a test! I wanted to see the inside and had read that the church was open in the mornings, but it appears that this isn’t so.

  3. Nancy Schwalen says:

    You certainly have a network of like-minded travelers.

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