The Face of Raaawwrrr

There are a million lion faces around Venice, since it’s the symbol of St. Mark, the patron of Venice. Here’s a sampling of some from the Museo Correr.


If these guys were protecting my city, I’d be a bit worried. In fact, THEY look a bit worried. IMG_8521IMG_8527IMG_8523

Why is this one trying to lick a book? He’s in the church of San Michele.IMG_8560

A couple more from the cemetery. Cemetery lions seem much fiercer than royal palace lions.

IMG_8579 IMG_8581

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3 Responses to The Face of Raaawwrrr

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I think my favorite is #5. he looks like a winged kitten trying to pretend he is a fierce lion.

  2. Elizabeth Davidson says:

    I think there were only one, maybe two, sculptors who ever even saw a real lion. Several look more like people than animals! I’ll place my bet on number 4 having seen the real thing.

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