Felze Adventures

As I’ve been wandering Venice this summer, I occasionally come across a gondola tucked away here and there–I mean a historic gondola, one no longer in use.

On Giudecca, near the boatyards, there was this one:


Then in the courtyard of Ca’ Rezzonico is this beauty. Of course, you can’t touch them or open the doors to the felze, the little cabin. After reading so many accounts by Casanova and others, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be inside a felze on a gondola. How big is it really? Would it be larger, say, than the backseat of a car?


Then I was quite surprised to find this felze inside the church of San Michele on the cemetery island.


The church attendant was had been chatting on his telefonino for the last 15 minutes and couldn’t see me behind the wall separating the entryway from the rest of the church. Guess what I did?

I got some cobwebs in my hair, but here’s the view from inside the felze. Taller than I expected, and I’d say bigger than a backseat.

IMG_8556 IMG_8557IMG_8555

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5 Responses to Felze Adventures

  1. Good for you, cobwebs and all! Ha ha!

  2. Yes, the cobwebs were worth it!!

  3. Rudolf says:

    Beatifully pictures! Kathleen we are now (10/8) in Venice too! And we will do een part of your Walk number 1.

  4. Nancy Schwalen says:

    I love the backseat analogy. That word speaks volumes about the felze. Thanks for being daring.

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