We Love Independent Bookstores!

Independent Bookstore Day was last Saturday, and I celebrated in a few ways!

I started the day at Recycle Books in San Jose, to pick up a book my friends had recommended. The owner, Eric, also graciously agreed to carry my new book, A Beautiful Woman in Venice. It’s so nice to be supported by my own neighborhood bookstore!

Over in Los Gatos, Village House of Books hosted authors all day to promote our work. They graciously invited me to share my books with the community. Here I am in front of the bookstore with Shelley Buck, author or East and Floating Point, and Erica Goss, Los Gatos’ Poet Laureate, with her books of poetry:


It was doubly exciting for me to be here since I had received from the printer my new book only two days before! Village House of Books also has a blog, and for the past month they’ve been accepting guest blog posts from local authors. Here is my entry, focusing on the world of self-publishing:


One of my very first jobs, while I was still in high school, was working at A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books in Cupertino, one of the loveliest SF Bay Area independent bookstores, which sadly closed as did so many other independents. I also worked for a time at the Upstart Crow. These were some of my favorite workplaces, and I feel a strong allegiance to our independent bookstores.

Thank you, bookstore owners, for continuing to provide a place where independent authors can share their work with their communities!

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5 Responses to We Love Independent Bookstores!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Yea for independents! Hicklebees now carries a range of books for grow-up readers. I’ve been ordering some of my books from them.

  2. ishitasood says:

    I totally agree 🙂 I love them too. Great article. Happy to chance upon your blog. I write at


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