Pensione Vapore

My friend Piero is un tesoro–a treasure when it comes to Venetian things. He recently sent me a link to this 1946 arty film set in Venice:

Titled Pensione Vapore (Loosely translated as Hotel Steam), it was silent footage until Piero stepped in. He’s a jazz musician and gathered his friends to record the soundtrack for this film. It’s uncanny how well the music fits the footage. Bravo!

Can’t say that I follow the film’s plot, but maybe that’s not the point. Some things are all about mood, and Venice fairly reeks of mood! Here, apparently, is it’s steamy mood. Enjoy with a glass of something dark, like a montepulciano or sangiovese, in hand.


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1 Response to Pensione Vapore

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Quirky little film with a wonderful score

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