Elbows the Size of Pumpkins or Knees the Size of Watermelons?

What an odd question to ask! And yet it was one of the interview questions posed to me by Robin Woods, an independent author of young adult fiction and a blogger who posts a weekly author interview.

Want to find out who my writing heroes are? How I define the genres I write in? What inspired me to write my first (and second and third and fourth) book? Where my titles come from? And what I’ve hated about my writing? Maybe you’ve experienced some similar roadblocks or joys or embarrassments as a writer (and can send me a comment to sympathize or laugh along with you). In the interview I also share the quote that keeps me writing.

Here’s the interview: Interview by Robin Woods

Robin ends the interview with the “This or That: Speed Round” set of questions. That’s where pumpkins and watermelons come in. Robin is a teacher, so you can understand that her creativity must captivate her students and inspire them to write. Hopefully you’ll check out her website, too, and find a new book to read!

Robin Woods Fiction


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One Response to Elbows the Size of Pumpkins or Knees the Size of Watermelons?

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Wonderful interview (and the lightning round was fun)

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