Launched in Lido!

Last week, while I was in Venice, I was part of a presentation on my new book, A Beautiful Woman in Venice, which is now in Venetian bookstores. The event was held at the Grand Hotel Ausonia and Hungaria on the Lido. (Its name sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it?) Here’s the outside:

2015-07-17 08.03.42 2015-07-17 08.04.16

Inside, they have a series of posters listing past events. One such event was for author Eduardo Galeano! Others included my publisher, Giovanni Distefano with Supernova Edizione, and Letizia Lanza, author of over 20 books on Venetian history. My event poster will be added to this wall!

2015-07-17 08.26.26 2015-07-17 08.27.55

Most of the audience spoke only Italian, so with my conversational-but-not-academic skills, I was at a bit of a disadvantage. But I got a chance to talk about my writing background and answer some questions about specific women in the book, a comparison of American and Venetian women, and Lucrezia Marinella’s final book where she seemingly recants her  earlier works.

Letizia Lanza presented a paper she had composed about A Beautiful Woman in Venice and where it fits into the gender studies pantheon. She complimented the book for looking at women from all strata of society, not just nobles, and from all walks of life, not just writers.

Present in the audience were a number of other experts and authors, including a woman who has written extensively on Sarra Copia Sullam, members of the DEA (a European women’s group), Cristiana Moldi-Ravenna, co-author of Secret Gardens of Venice, and author and artist Fiora Galdolfi.

Here’s Letizia Lanza on the left, me in the middle, and my publisher on the right. In the next photo is an expert on Sarra Copia Sullam.

2015-07-17 09.11.16 2015-07-17 10.05.53

A reception followed, hosted by the hotel owner, whom I got to meet. What a lovely event and a pleasure to meet so many people!

In the photo on the left is me with Fiora, and in the next one are guests at the reception, including my friend David. Vonda, whose back is to the camera, was there; she is the founder of the A Beautiful Woman in Venice tour group and the person who gave me the idea for the book! She was in Venice with her tour group and was able to attend the event. Thank you to Karen and David, my travel buddies, for these photos and for sharing the trip with me.

IMG_1325 IMG_1332

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  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    How wonderful that you received the recognition.

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