Random Venice Journal Entry #3

This is part of a very sporadic series, where I post a random journal entry from a previous trip to Venice. This one is from Carnevale, over ten years ago, when I went with a group of friends and we dressed like birds. The guys I mention are gondolier friends.


2/ 16/ 04

Arrived back to Venice yesterday, city of my blood and dreams. I felt my blood quicken and spirit rise. I was home.

In fact, the homesickness hit me as I walked down the Strada Nova and saw Billa (formerly Standa), passed Lush and the Ca’ d’Oro, Nuova Vita, and Santa Sofia. There stood Stefano and I thought I should run to his arms or do something dramatic, even though he’s not (and never has been) my lover. It’s just the returning to Venice, and I’m the lover, and I can’t hug the bricks or the air or the water. Sometimes I want to swallow the city whole.

We dropped our bags in Ca’ Madi, out by Tre Archi. The best comment: “This is like MTV Venice!” I’m glad everyone is pleased with the place. We went to La Perla for Pizza. Rucola! We saw Max who said to stop by the traghetto Monday for drinks on his birthday. And Stefano with his smiles and welcome and new blonde streaks. Max who asked if I brought a ragazza for him. Stefano who said to come by Tuesday for a gondola ride. DSCF0104

Today, what? Espresso, cappuccio. Crumbling buildings. A family of dalmations and two walking colla lillies and a couple Euro bishops (as in the money). Ah, Carnevale!DSCF0103

(Surprises from our Kinder Bueno eggs.)


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One Response to Random Venice Journal Entry #3

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    You make Carnevale sound enchanting, which I’m sure it always is.

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