Beautiful Women at Dinner

In July I had the great fortune to be in Venice at the same time as a Beautiful Woman in Venice tour, led by my friend Vonda Wells. She is the person who gave me the idea to write my latest book, A Beautiful Woman in Venice, biographical sketches that capture the voices and lives of over thirty of Venice’s remarkable women who contributed to their community in a myriad of ways.

Though the book was Vonda’s brainchild, I researched and wrote it, but Vonda leads the tours to Venice for women to experience the city. I had dinner with her group at Ristorante ai Barbacani near Campo Santa Maria Formosa. You can see that fish is a specialty there.

DSCN1496 copy

The staff treated us to prosecco to open the meal, and limoncello with Venetian cookies to close it. Everything was delicious, and all set in a traditional Venetian restaurant, complete with ceramic pitchers, exposed beam ceilings, and pots hanging over the stove. The building is over 700 years old! We had a lovely meal as we got to know each other.

DSCN1495 copy

The day before, I had also met up with Vonda and one of her travelers to watch the fireworks for the Redentore festival. We celebrated on a party boat in the middle of the lagoon, with an open bar and thumping techno for the ride out and back. We’re toasting the end of the Black Plague!

IMG_2073 copy

If  you want to be part of a Beautiful Woman in Venice tour, check out Vonda’s website at You may even recognize some of these photos!

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