Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Murano and San Michele

Stories of two islands–and two lovers! At a Murano convent, Casanova in costume dances, entertains, gambles, and then gets one of the greatest shocks when he goes to meet his lover M.M. You’ll have to watch this edition of Quattro Minuti to get all the details. And it doesn’t end there. After all that, Casanova nearly drowned in a storm near the cemetery island of San Michele.


Thank you to the kind stranger who agreed to film me this day! Usually I make these videos when I’m with friends, but this day I was alone and asked a passing woman to film for me. Sorry for the shadows, but it was 103 degrees that day, and we really needed to be in the shade.

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Teacher, writer, traveler, dancer, reader, photographer, gardener.
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1 Response to Quattro Minuti con Casanova: Murano and San Michele

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    Definitely a crazy story but I’m not surprised that her recovered from both the stress of the boat ride and shock of finding the two women together.

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