Come to the Casanova Conference!

UCLA is hosting a Casanova Conference entitled “Libertine Legend,” January 22-23, 2016. Here’s the link:

One of the images they’re using to promote the event comes from Fellini’s film Casanova:


Here’s a list of speakers, and the full list of presentations is on the website:

Raphaëlle Brin, Université Paris–Sorbonne
Bruno Capaci, Università di Bologna
Michel Delon, Université Paris–Sorbonne
Clorinda Donato, California State University, Long Beach
Jean-Christophe Igalens, Université Paris–Sorbonne
Mladen Kozul, University of Montana
Robert Kruckeberg, Troy University
Pierre Saint-Amand, Brown University
Malina Stefanovska, University of California, Los Angeles
Chantal Thomas, Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Christopher B. White, independent scholar

Jean-Christophe Igalens is working on a new edition of Casanova’s memoirs, referred to as the Laffont edition. He also appeared in the recent French documentary about Casanova. Michel Delon is an author and specialist in the 18th century, including libertinism and Sade. Chantal Thomas, also an author, has written a book about Casanova as well as other works. I don’t know any of these folks, but I’m certainly keen to meet them!

The Casanovists that helped me in my research are not on this list. I mostly had help from the cadre that wrote and published  l’Intermediaire des Casanovistes, a journal of casanoviana. One of these researchers, Helmut Watzlawick, is also working on a new edition of the memoirs, called the Pléiades. Sadly, none of these folks are making the jump over the big pond to come to Los Angeles, though Tom Vitelli, American Casanovist, will be attending. I would like to thank them in person!

I’m so looking forward to geeking out with people who can talk Casanova for more than five minutes! I expect I will learn a lot and have a lot to share with you all once I return.

Or will I meet any of you there?

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1 Response to Come to the Casanova Conference!

  1. Nancy Schwalen says:

    How was it? I don’t remember your talking about it.

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